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Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights

Destination: Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Wangdue

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The Wang Chhu or Raidak River is a tributary river of Brahmaputra. It has its source in the Himalayas flowing through the west-central Bhutan and subsequently flow downstream towards the south at a competitively rapid speed through open valley and runs through a narrow defile after crossing 5 km from the confluence. The Wang Chhu River is a combination of Paro Chhu and the Thim Chhu, which meets at the confluence and joined by several tributaries flowing from the nearby mountains like Haa Chhu, Ta Chhu and many other streams. March – April, November – December period is considered to be the best for floating through the Wang Chhu

Detailed Itinerary

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and the seat of the government. The broad valley of Thimphu represents mostly the urban life and the bustling city lies on the bank of Wang Chhu River. The capital lies at an elevation of 7700ft/2350m and is only an hour’s drives from Paro airport. Today the capital has a population of approximately 100,000 people. The capital is unlike that of many capitals of the world with no high-rise buildings and no traffic lights. The traffic density is very low and the traffic is directed by the policeman. This affluent and vibrant capital has been home to the Royal families and government seats for decades. Having its ancient traditional culture well preserved, it serves as the cultural hub for both local and tourist alike. The valley is clothed with beautiful blue pine forest, oak and rhododendron forests from the valley to the hill tops and with colorful buildings built and maintained with traditional Bhutanese architecture. The capital city got its name “Thimphu” from the sinking stone in front of Dechenphu Lhakhang.

  • Location: Western Bhutan
  • Distance from Paro: 65 Km 01 hours
  • Elevation: 7700ft/2350m

Access Point

  • Thimphu: 31 Km 30 minutes
  • Paro: 34 Km 45 minutes

Scenery: The valley possesses the real charm with steep valley, alpine forest and numerous golden topped monasteries dotted around the hillside. It is surrounded by broad-leaved forest of oak, rhododendron, maple and the tranquil and serene setting abounds with flora and fauna.

What to Bring: We suggest you to bring bathing suits, shoes that best fit for rafts & kayaks, towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen, bug spray, string to hold your sunglasses, sandals to use after the rafts (can keep in the car), and flop flops.

Other Information

Torsa Strict Nature Reserve (TSNR): Torsa Strict Nature Reserve has an area of 64,960ha, that cover the land mass of Paro and Haa Dzongkhang. This reserved park has a variety of landscapes and ecosystem of temperate forest of broadleaf and alpine parks including small lakes of Sinchulungpa. The reserved area has no human habitation.

Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Park (JDWNP): Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Park has an area of 434,950ha, covering Paro, Thimphu, Gasa and Punakha. It is one of the full operational national parks. Having a largest protected areas and is the natural conservatory of glacier, alpine meadows and scrub lands, sub-alpine and temperate conifer forest, warm and cool temperate broad-leaf forests, major river and streams, and the flora and fauna inhabits. The park also has an inhabitance of wild animals’ like- Takin, Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Tiger, Marmots, Red Panda, Himalayan Barking Deer and many species of birds. Several valuable plants were found in the park.

Available Kayaks & Rafts

Wang Chhu – Upper Run

  • Location: Western Bhutan (Thimphu/Paro/Phuntsholing Highway)
  • Kayaks Location: Chhuzom Confluence – Lower Dam Chhu, Dobji Dzong
  • Sports Length: Approximately 4 Km 02 hours
  • Difficulty: Class IV – V
  • Flow: 800 – 1000 cfs
  • Best Season: March – April, November – December (Caution: danger of high water not recommended for amateurs)
  • Craft: Kayaks Only

Wang Chhu – Lower Run

  • Location: Western Bhutan (Thimphu/Paro/Phuntsholing Highway)
  • Rafts & Kayaks Location: Dam Chhu – Downstream
  • Sports Length: 4 Km 01 hours
  • Difficulty: Class III
  • Flow: 800 – 1000 cfs
  • Best Season: March – April, November – December (Tips: A high water run is possible with good scouting)
  • Craft: Rafts & Kayaks