Trongsa specials – The regal heritage

Discover the hereditary beginnings of the Wangchuck dynasty (the monarchs of Bhutan). The central region used to be the centre of power for the first and second kings. Trongsa is proud to this day of its administrative history, and its Royal Heritage Museum holds much information on the royal lineage of the five visionary and compassionate Kings of Bhutan.

The best bits on your journey to Trongsa

See Trongsa Dzong, where the investiture ceremony of the Crown Prince, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, as the Choetse Penlop (Bhutan’s equivalent of the Brits’ Prince of Wales), took place in October 2004.

Trongsa Dzong is of national significance; this is where the institution of monarchy began in Bhutan.

Close to 500 years of architectural magnificence have been preserved to this day.

Experience the 5-day annual tsechu in Dec./Jan.

Visit Kuenga Rabten, where stands the palace of the first King (Sir) Ugyen Wangchuck.

An hour’s journey south of Trongsa is the winter palace of the 2nd King, where you can see a statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha.

Visit the Karma Drubdey nunnery too.

North of Trongsa, there is a farm road that leads to the Yuling village, where one may mingle with the local community.

Take the adventure hike up for a beautiful meditational retreat at Taphey Goenpa.

Drive from Trongsa to Jakar (Bumthang) and enjoy the scenic views en route

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