Snowman Trek I

Max. Elevation: 5,320m
 25 days,
Highest Camp: 5,050m
Standard: Hard
Best Seasons: Mid June to Mid October
Start: Drukgyel Dzong (Paro)
Finish: Sephu (Trongsa)

Summary: The Snowmen Trek is the most difficult trek in Bhutan and is often touted as one of the most difficult treks in the entire world. This is an extension of the Laya-Gasa Trek. It starts in Drukgyel Dzong in Paro and leads to Laya in Gasa further into Lunana region and then near the Gangkar Puensum and finally into Sephu in Trongsa. This trek ventures into some of the most recluse areas in the northern frontiers of Bhutan and trekkers brave altitudes of above 5,000meters and above. Some camping sites are on area completely covered in snow. This trek is for professional trekkers.

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