Merak – Sakteng Trek

Merak Sakten Trek is one of the remote and isolated community trek located in the far-flung regions of Merak and Sakten under Trashigang districts. This beautiful trek last for seven days and takes trekkers through the newly founded Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary, which presents a wide diversity of Himalayan ecosystem. The highlight of the trek is that of the people and untouched traditions of Merak and Sakten, which is completely different from rest of the people especially in terms of their dress code  – the local people in this region wear a felt hat made of yak hair with a long tail hanging down like a spider’s leg which serves as an umbrella to drain off rain. This nomadic indigenous group or Brokpas seasonally moves their herds of livestock from the lower valleys in the winter to the higher pastures in the summer.

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