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Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights

Destination: Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa, Bumthang

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The Mangde Chhu River or Trongsa Chhu flows in the central Bhutan traversing roughly towards the north-south of the country. The river has its source near Gangkhar Puensum towering at 24735ft/7541m. It is one of the highest peaks in Bhutan lies under Wangdue province. The Mangdue Chhu drains towards the eastern slope of the Black Mountain and Royal Manas National Park. The best season for kayaks in Mangdue Chhu is March – April, November – December.

Detailed Itinerary

Trongsa is one of the permanent province lies at the central heart of the country bordering to Bumthang and Wangdue. Trongsa until the recent past year played a pivotal role in the history of the country. In the nineteenth century, it was the de facto centre of the authority as the Penlops (governor) controls all the major regions of eastern and central Bhutan, including the rich fertile southern duars. The past history unfolds the fact that Tongsa was a crucial place from where the unification of east and central region was brought to fruition. The province linked with momentous events in the history of the country and it is the place from here where the first and second kings of Bhutan ruled the country. Since from the inception of the monarchy until today, Trongsa has been a significant seat of successive monarch of Bhutan.

  • Location: Central Bhutan
  • Distance from Thimphu: 199 Km 07 hours
  • Elevation: 7150ft/2180m

Places of Attraction

  • Trongsa Dzong: Built in 1648, it was the seat of power over central and eastern Bhutan and the vanguard of the warriors.
  • Taa Dzong: The watch tower built in 1652 by the first governor of Trongsa and now turned into Museum.
  • Kuenga Rapten Palace: The winter resident palace of the second king of Bhutan

Access Point

  • Bumthang: 68 Km 02 hours
  • Wangdue: 129 Km 05 hours
  • Punakha: 142 Km 05 ½ hours
  • Thimphu: 199 Km 07 hours

Scenery: The drive from Wangdue to Trongsa provides an immense opportunity as you enter the beautiful Mangdue valley. You will come across several villages, with impressive landscape covered with fir trees, bamboos, and mixed forest of broad leaves.

What to Bring: We suggest you to bring bathing suits, shoes that best fit for rafts & kayaks, towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen, bug spray, string to hold your sunglasses, sandals to use after the rafts (can keep in the car), and flop flops.

Other Information

Black Mountain National Park (BMNP): The Black Mountain National Park consists of three provinces – Trongsa, Wangdue and Zhemgang. It has an area covered under 172760ha representing wide range of ecosystem. The park has got a permanenet snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine pasture, lakes, conifer broad-leaved forests. The reserved park constitutes the largest and richest temperate forest reserved in the entire Himalayas.

Available Kayaks

Mangde Chhu – Upper Section

  • Location: Central Bhutan (Trongsa)
  • Kayaks Location: Yundo Choling Palace – Langthel
  • Sports Length: Approximately 5 Km 02 hours wit scouting
  • Difficulty: Class IV
  • Flows: Approximately 3000 cfs
  • Best Season: March – April, November – December
  • Crafts: Kayaks Only

Mangde Chhu – Ema Datsi Canyon

  • Location: Central Bhutan ( Trongsa)
  • Kayaks Location: Langthel – Rayfay
  • Sports Length: Approximately 7 Km 03 hours with scouting
  • Difficulty: Pool drop class III – IV at medium flows
  • Flows: Approximately 3000 cfs
  • Best Season: March – April, November – December (Caution: high water makes this section very dangerous not recommended for amateurs.
  • Crafts: Kayaks Only

Ema Datsi Canyon – Kevorkian Canyon

  • Location: Central Bhutan (Trongsa)
  • Kayaks Location: Rayfay – Tingtibi
  • Sports Length: Approximately 50 Km 02 rivers a day
  • Difficulty: Class V – VI at low to medium flows
  • Flows: Approximately 3000 cfs
  • Season: March – April, November – December (Caution: high water runs not recommended for amateurs
  • Craft: Only Kayaks