Landscape Photography Tour

This tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is a dream destination for photographers. It offers you pristine Himalayan landscape with crystal clear rivers, beautiful fortresses some of which are built near the rivers like the Punakha Dzong, which is considered to be the most beautiful fortress in the country. This majestic fortress is built on the confluence of the male and the female rivers giving it a romantic ambiance. The daunting green mountain ranges offer a quixotic setting just inviting it to be captured in lens.

The country’s most exotic and iconic structure is the Tiger’s Nest, a monastery perched on a vertical cliff about 700 meters above the ground and a hike to the monastery is the highlight of the visit to Bhutan. The 3-hour uphill hike to the temple is worth every photographer’s imagination.

The annual festivals called tshechus attract tourists from all over the world and immaculate after-death mask dances, apart from the unique traditional dances and songs, are images that cannot be described in words. Bhutan also has a unique culture, tradition and way of life. The knee length national dress for men reminisces the Scottish kilt and the women dress runs from the shoulder to the toes. The Bhutanese houses have wooden phalluses fixed on poles and also phallus paintings designed to drive away evil spirits and inadvertently calling photo artists.

Bhutan is also an environmental paradise. It boasts of more than 770 species of birds (and counting), about 800-900 species of butterflies and 5,400 species of plants. The constitution states that the country would always have more than 60 percent of its land area under forest cover for all times to come. It has also pledged to remain carbon neutral forever.

ATB customize all kinds of photography tours in the kingdom – be it bird watching, butterfly tourism, and all other kinds of wildlife tourism. We also customize tours for all other photographers. We provide local photographers as their tour guides who accompany them and show Bhutan up-close.

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