From wellness treats to spiritual awakening

Whenever you return home from a holiday, you look forward to another break, just to recover from the stress of travel. In Bhutan, you may arrive stressed, but you will leave feeling rejuvenated and relieved of modern day hassles. Bhutan is a sanctuary for those, who seek wellness treats, or want to try out meditational experiments, or indulge in therapeutic recovery. The body is pampered, the mind put at ease and the soul awakened and set free.

The best bits on your well-being trip

Whether it is a session of peaceful, contemplative meditation, a relaxing soak in a mineral hot spring bath, or the all-natural remedies of our traditional medicine, Bhutan has just what the doctor ordered to restore your body and spirit. Try meditation for starters. Visit monasteries and learn meditational techniques, which have been in practice for centuries. Stay within your hotel premises and enjoy the traditional massage therapies on offer.

Explore and learn of indigenous medicines from centres established in dzongkhags (districts) for cures to all kinds of ailments.

Take a curative dip in hot springs or tshachus for relief from maladies, or soak in the renowned traditional menchu or stone bath and feel your aches and pains dissolve.

Get a customised itinerary for your solitary retreats as time-off from the usual sightseeing.

Seek out the adventure trail to our most popular tshachus, like Gasa and Chubhu, Punakha (both in western Bhutan), and Dur in Bumthang (central Bhutan).

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