Experience Bhutan on a walking excursion

Burn some calories and breath the therapeutic fresh air of Bhutan. Hike around Thimphu and Paro, and discover the wilderness and drink in the lovely Himalayan landscapes, dotted with colourful prayer flags and monasteries. Explore pristine nature at your own pace.

The best bits on this walking excursion

Take the trails listed at http://www.bhutan-trails.org/thimphu-hikes/maps/index.html

First must-visit is Tiger’s Nest, where heritage meets with health. This cliff-hermitage, Taktsang, is a monastic retreat and a most venerated pilgrimage site in the country. Approx. 6 hours.

Hike up 4100m to Kung Karpo La and see snowcapped mountains at Chele La (pass). Visit a nunnery, Kila Goenpa, on the way down. Approx. 5 hours.

Drive to Sangaygang and hike along the Wangditse walking trail with its remarkable bird’s-eye view of the capital city Thimphu.

Trek up to Phajoding monastery (approx. 3 hours) for an ideal retreat from the mundane bustling lifestyle and a lofty view of the Thimphu valley, with camping option.

Visit the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Bhutan has a long and rich tradition of medicine based on natural remedies, derived mainly from plants and earth.

Visit the School of Traditional Arts and Crafts, which offers a six-year course in the techniques of traditional art in religious and secular paintings, woodcarving, clay sculpture and traditional mask making.

Walk into the Folk Heritage Museum for some special exhibitions pertaining to Bhutanese heritage and meals.

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