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Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights

Destination: Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Wangdue

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The Dang Chu (river) is one of the largest rivers in Wangdue flowing through the west and east gorge of Black Mountain with its tributaries of Mo Chhu River, which flows from the left side of the Punakha Dzong having, is source from the glacier lakes of Gasa valley. Pho Chhu River also has its source from the glacier lakes of Gasa valley, which flows through the right side of Phnakha dong and finally meets below the Punakha dzong. This three river forms Puna Tshang Chhu immediately after the Punakha dzong and flows through Wangdue. The Dang Chhu rafts & kayaks can be best floated in the month of March – April and November – December.

Detailed Itinerary

Wangdue covers a large area, from the northern snow-capped mountain to the cold damp glacier valley of Phobjikha, to the warm breezy town of Wangdue.  The beautifully located Wangdue dzong (built in 1638) dominates the district. The name was given by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal who was searching for the best location for a dzong to prevent incursions from the south. At the chosen spot, the Shabdrung encountered a boy named Wangdue playing beside the river and hence named the dzong “Wangdue’s Palace.” There are three main roads in Wangduephodrang. The Lateral Road enters from the west at the Dochu La Pass, crosses the Puna Tsang Chhu at Wangduephodrang Dzong, and continues east to Trongsa. A spur road heads north from Wangduephodrang to the dzong at Punakha and slightly beyond. This road eventually becomes the trail to Gasa. A second spur departs the Lateral Road near the Pele La pass halfway between Wangduephodrang and Tongsa, travelling south a short distance to Gangtey monastery and the Phobjikha valley where the rare Black-necked Cranes come to roost in the winter.

  • Location: Western Bhutan (Wangdue)
  • Distance from Thimphu: 70 Km 03 hours
  • Elevation: 4480ft/1400m

Places of Attraction

  • Phobjikha Valley: The winter roosting ground of blacked-necked crane

  • Gangtey Goempa: A Nyingmapa School of Buddhist

  • Wangdue phodrang Dzong: Built on the hill top with a commanding view, built in 1639 by Zhabdrung

Access Point

  • Paro: 142 Km 05 hours

  • Thimphu: 77 km 2 ½ hours

  • Wangdue: 13 Km 30 minutes

Scenery: The beautiful valley of Punakha and Wangdue provides immense opportunity through its rich natural environment for adventure activities of all kind. The valley is rich and abounds with terrace rice crops and orchards with steep valley, golden topped monasteries, and temple scattered throughout.

What to Bring: We suggest you to bring bathing suits, shoes that best fit for rafts & kayaks, towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen, bug spray, string to hold your sunglasses, sandals to use after the rafts (can keep in the car), and flop flops.

Other Information

Black Mountain National Park (BMNP): The Black Mountain National Park consists of three province of Wangdue, Trongsa and Zhemgang covering an area of 172,760 ha. This huge park represents a wide range of ecosystem and different habitat like- Snow covered areas of Dorshing La Peak (4925m), alpine lakes, pastures, coniferous and broad leaf forest.

Availablekayks & Rafts

Upper Dang Chhu

  • Location: Western Bhutan (Wangdue)

  • Kayaks Location: Dang Chhu Downstream – Kychu Resort

  • Sport Length: 3 Km 02 hours with scouting

  • Difficulty: Class IV – V at medium flows, V – V at higher flows

  • Flows: 400 500 cfs

  • Best Season: March – April, October – November (Caution: High water run makes it dangerous, not recommended for Amateurs

  • Craft: Kayaks Only (too small for rafts)

Middle Dang Chhu

  • Location: Western Bhutan (Wangdue)

  • Kayaks Location: Kychu Resort Downstream Dang Chhu

  • Sport Length: 5 Km 1 ½ hours

  • Difficulty: Class IV with three Class V scouts

  • Flows: 400 – 500 cfs

  • Best Season: March – April, November – December

  • Craft: Kayaks (Tips: rafts possible only with crew & portages. Its time consuming but there are great runs at stretches)

Lower Dang Chhu

  • Location: Western Bhuta (Wangdue)

  • Rafts & Kayaks Location: Upstream Kyechu Resort – Puna Tsang Chhu Confluence

  • Sport Length: Approximately 5 Km 01 hours

  • Difficulty: Class III +

  • Flow: Class IV with three Class V scouts (Tips: runs possible at higher water if the first section is scouted carefully and the paddles are strong)

  • Best Season: March – April, November – December

  • Craft: Rafts & Kayaks