Bumdra Monastery Trek

The one night Bumdra Monastery Trek is one of the finest short duration trek opt for visitors wishing to add a day or two trek in their program. The trek takes trekkers from Sanga Chokhor Buddhist Institute in Paro valley and leads you through the pine forest and rhododendron up to the Bumdra Goempa, which is one of the main retreat centre for meditation. Spending a day or two at Bumdra provides an insight into the religious sacred caves around the region; it also provides a panoramic view of the mountain range of Paro valley. The Bumdra Trek is also known as the “Trek of Thousand Dakinis” (celestial female being) where the surrounding area is much noted for religious site, sacred caves and many other to discover. The region from the beginning of your day till the end of your trek trekkers will encounter only the historical temples and monasteries. The highest elevation on this trek takes you up to 3900m – 4000m.

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